Single-sided 1.  Grip-clips 2.  FLEX-clips 3.  Grip- & FLEX-clips
A Classic pole A1 A2 A3 A4 (>205cm)
B Telescopic pole B2 B3
C Classic pole C1 C3
D Telescopic pole D3
Wide Screen
E Classic pole E1 E2 E3
F Telescopic pole F2 F3
Single-sided 1.  Grip-clips 2.  FLEX-clips 3.  Grip- & FLEX-clips
G Classic pole G1 G2 G3  G4(>205cm)
H Telescopic pole H2 H3
I Classic pole I1 I3
J Telescopic pole J3
Wide Screen
K Classic pole K1 K2 K3
L Telescopic pole L2 L3
Ceiling clip 1.  Single fixing 2.  Double fixing
M Single-sided M1 M2
N Double-sided N1 N2
O Lamp vertical O1 Lamp horizontal O2
P Display connector bar P1
Q Wide screen joint Q1
R Display connector R1 All connectors P1-Q1-R1
T Brochure Holder T2S
U Wall fixing U1
V Snap lock profile V1
Three & Four sided
Y Standing Y1
Z Hanging Z1
Example no. 1.  Grip-clips 2.  FLEX-clips 3.  Grip- & FLEX-clips
Example 7 Ex 7 v3
Example 8 Ex 8 v2
Ex 8 v3
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